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I written a post which indicates how to browse and download free in Airtel.This one become one of the Most Popular Post in  our blog .I should Thanks to Mr. Monu who answered most of the replies to all readers.I welcome Mr. Monu to show his talent with much effort,such a talented guy.If you have any doubts or you have any suggestions then kindly post it in comment section.
Reliance found its most of the loopholes and rectified it.But still something is remaining there so you may use it before it get blocked.The trick is based on the Front Query but in PC.Hard to believe?yes you might enjoyed free GPRS through both Front Query and back Query in mobile only why not you in  PC?
Download the file given below.Sorry we can’t any responsibility for the file uploaded below:


The Download file contains the Vnap web browser which is like a URL or Operator Handler trick in mobile.When download is completed you may install it.
Go to “Options” in the vnap browser then click the Front Query and type the FQ given below:
Make sure you have entered the letters and special characters correctly or else it mayn’t work for you.
Now you have to give the proxy and port Address.Select the Enable proxy and enter the Proxy and port address is 80
The access point is rcomnet if it is available in your state if not then you may try smartnet .
For downloading I recommend IDM you can download through IDM with one click by integrating it with Vnap browser.You must also enter the proxy and port in IDM as given.
The drawback of this trick is you can can’t watch videos like Youtube since Vnap browser doesn’t supports for Flashplayer.Kindly note you will be charged for 10p per session even you browse or download and don’t know about balance condition.You have to check it yourself,we can’t take any responsibility.For more information see our Disclaimer.

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