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Create an Interactive Slideshow Video of Your Web Site’s Latest Content

While interactive elements add appeal to any Web site, they usually take a great time investment to create. Videos take time to storyboard or script, and even the shortest slideshows take time to select photos and screenshots.
Wibbitz is part video and part slideshow, but instead of taking hours to make, it works instantly. Even better—it automatically updates itself.
Click the orange Get it Now button to start using Wibbitz.
get it
Enter your name, email address and a password.
Next, give your new Web player a name, and enter your Web site’s URL.
The next options are for customizing the Web player to fit with your Web site. Choose text for the video launcher, a color theme and language, then upload your logo and choose a default image to show when the player starts. If in a hurry, at least upload a logo—otherwise, it shows as a broken picture link in the player.
Click Next.
Enter your Web site’s RSS URL, then click Next.
A script it then generated for your slideshow movie. You can either add the video with a launcher users click to see it, or with an embedded player, much like how we embed YouTube videos. Copy the script, then paste it in your Website’s HTML code.
If you are adding the video to a blog, specific directions are available for each of the major blog sites. Click the icon for your type of blog to see the directions.
The player itself is self-updating via your RSS feed. Your newest articles are featured in the player first. Visitors can click the picture and title of any of the articles to go straight to that article.
Wibbitz is a quick way to add a slideshow-style video to your Web site. It uses the first picture in each article in the show, so you must make sure the first picture in each article is the best.

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