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Add Your Latest Tweet to Your Email Signature

Many Twitter lovers use the service to promote their businesses. Writers post their latest articles to Twitter, while retailers send sale and coupon information. Most of this information is useful even for non-Twitter lovers, but reaching them is a challenge.
TwitFooter is an inventive way to reach those non-Twitter followers with whom you communicate regularly. The service automatically adds your latest Tweet to every email you send—and self-updates, too.
On the TwitFooter homepage, click the Sign in with Twitter button.
sign in

Once authorized, you can decide which information to display on your signature. You can use your Twitter bio, latest Tweet or a random Tweet.
The code for the signature is automatically generated to the right of the selection. Click the Preview tab just above it to view your new signature.
When satisfied, copy the code.
Click the the icon for the email client of your choice directly below the code, then follow the directions that appear for adding the code to your signature.
Installing the code is fairly simple for all of the major email clients. Within minutes, all of your outgoing emails will include your picture, your Twitter address, and your latest Tweet.
TwitFooter also counts the number of times people click on the link from your signature to your Twitter feed. You can see this number by logging into the TwitFooter again from the homepage. Overall, this is a great idea for finding new Twitter followers, and for reaching those who do not Tweet, but do email.

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