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Track When Facebook Friends Dump Their Significant Others

In many ways, Facebook is like being back in high school. We track the latest gossip through our New Feeds. We post pictures of our new cars to make friends jealous. Many even secretly pine for the prom queen, hoping her relationship status will show she’s single soon.
If the high school-level drama is too much for you, and you feel you have wasted enough of your life stalking your crush on Facebook, relentlessly refreshing the page to see if his/her relationship status has changed, Breakup Notifier may be the answer.
Breakup Notifier is a Facebook app that send you a message as soon as your crush’s relationship status changes. Click Log in with Facebook to start using the service.
Click Allow when the app asks permission to access your Facebook account. Do not worry—it will not post of your wall declaring you are using the service.
A list if all your friends appears on the screen. Sort the list by gender.
Then, you can further sort the list by current relationship status.
Click the picture and name of the person whose status you want to track.
A message will appear stating that you are now signed up to receive  relationship status messages about the person whose name you clicked. Click OK.
Keep clicking names until you have selected everyone whose status is of interest to you.
Now, when any of your chosen people’s relationship status changes, you will receive an email letting you know—leaving you free to make a move, if that is your intention.
It was only a matter of time until an app like this one appeared. It is an idea that has been on the minds of the masses since Facebook debuted. Breakup Notifier works very well. It reliably sends a message within minutes of a relationship status change, leaving us free to worry about other things, like Frontierville bonuses.

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