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Remove Computer Viruses

Computer viruses come in many varying degrees of severity. Aside from obvious “use an antivirus” advice, there are some specific steps that you can take to get rid of even the most malicious viruses. Here is how you do it:
computer virus

*This advice will work best for situations like:
  • Computer virus is freezing the computer.
  • Computer virus won’t let applications open.
  • Computer virus locks the computer.
  • Computer virus won’t let you get on the internet.
  • Computer virus freezes mouse.
kensington lock

Step 1 – Know your enemy

Computer viruses tend to come and go like the wind. This is because antivirus software manufacturers find a fix for a virus and release it within weeks of the initial discovery of the virus.
The only real “effective” virus is one that doesn’t yet have a fix. With all of the great antivirus manufacturers out there, a computer virus is only good for a couple of weeks. After an update to the virus is released, that virus is no longer effective on people who use antivirus programs.
The point is, there is an antivirus program out there that is capable of removing the virus on your computer. You just have to find it. Antivirus companies differ drastically in terms of when they update their virus definitions. So your first step, find an antivirus program that will remove the computer virus.
Go to another computer and try searching for “latest computer viruses” or “new computer viruses”.” If the virus is not allowing you to access the internet, try using that in the search terms. Most likely, you will be able to find out what the virus is, or at least what type of virus it is.
From there, you can find an antivirus software capable of removing that particular virus. This sounds like a lot of work. But, you’d be surprised at the inconsistency between antivirus programs, for specific viruses. You could have a $100 top rated antivirus software that won’t remove a virus, and a middle ranked free antivirus software that will. Once you have a pretty good idea on an antivirus to use, obtain it.
latest comptuter viruses

Step 2 – Ready your weapons

Now that you have an effective antivirus software, it’s time to prepare it. On another computer, burn the antivirus program to a CD/DVD or transfer it to a USB flash drive. You should be able to burn/transfer the entire program, not just the installer file. You need to do this so that you can run the antivirus software directly from the DVD or flash drive. Only certain software supports this, so, burn the installer file as well.
flash drive gun

Step 3 – Create a Battle Plan

Most likely, the virus is limiting your computer in one way or another. Whether it be no internet, 50,000 pop ups open, etc.. However, you should still be able to perform basic tasks within Windows, even if for a short amount of time. The plan here is to be faster than the virus. As soon as you start your computer, and Windows loads, you need to run the antivirus software from the DVD/flash drive.
battle plan

Step 4 – Assume Battle Positions

ASAP after Windows loads, try launching the antivirus program directly from the DVD or flash drive and see if it starts up. If it won’t let you run the antivirus program directly from the DVD or flash drive, you need to use the installer file (mentioned above) to install the antivirus software directly onto the infected computer.

Step 5 – Fire at Will

Run a full system scan… and wait. Most likely, the antivirus software will detect the virus. After the scan completes, use the option to delete the virus, remove the virus, delete and quarantine, etc.
Upon doing so, you should be able to use your computer again. Although you have removed the virus, you may want to consider backing up your files, reformatting the hard drive, and doing a clean install of Windows. This will delete all traces of the virus.

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