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Narrate PowerPoint Presentations with a Web Cam Video

PowerPoint presentations both bore and entertain students and business professionals throughout the world. As the Web has become more social, making these presentations accessible and effective for an online audience has proven challenging.
Narration is one way PowerPoint presentations become more effective in an online environment, but according to Present.me, if a narrator is not visible, only 65% of the presentation’s message is received. Present.me has created a solution for this problem.
present me
Instead of just adding narration to PowerPoint videos, Present.me splits the screen to show the presentation on the left side of the window, and the narrator on the right.

split screen
The narrator uses a Web cam to keep the audience’s attention, and to present the information contained within the PowerPoint. Hand gestures and body language help to communicate the points in the presentation.
web cam
To make the transition into narrating via Web cam smoother, Present.me has created a series of videos on topics such as creating a story, establishing trust in the audience, and how to engage the part of the brain needed to make the audience push the action button.
When the audience views your presentation, they have several options available. They can download your PowerPoint, rate the presentation, share it via social networking or comment on it. These features are very similar to YouTube.
Present.me has several pricing options. The free option allows 10 presentations per month, limited to 50 MB per upload and supported by banner ads. A Plus account costs $29/month and allows 30 presentations, 200 MB per upload and no advertisements. Heavy users can purchase unlimited presentation recording for $100/month, but still face the 200 MB upload limit.
Present.me advertises itself, in part, as a replacement for Web conferencing. While the features are strong, and the service definitely has a place among presentation software, it cannot replace the interaction that occurs in synchronous meetings. Present.me is a creative and effective way to add interest to the online delivery of a presentation, though, and definitely deserves a bookmark.

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